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Bring out
the best in you

Zero Drugs, Zero Surgery & Zero Pain!

Reclaim Your body

Whether you want spot reduction or overall weight loss, try one of the options available. Our approach to weight loss is proven, painless, and non-invasive. 

What To Expect?

When you come in for a consultation, we perform a computerized body composition analysis. It’s very detailed and will show valuable information like your body fat percentage, muscle mass, visceral fat, and your metabolic age. You then meet our Doctor, who will answer all your questions and suggest the right treatments based on your body and your goals. 

Real, Permanent Results.

If you're struggling with losing weight, or would like to tone your body in specific areas, Worth Laser Lipo may be able to assist you. We offer supervised medical weight loss programs that can help you reach your target weight, with comprehensive plans to help you stay on track.


We provide professional insight in gauging your health, as well as provide counseling and consultation to give you a true partner down the path of weight loss. A physician and a nurse practitioner will be available for you every step of the way- ensuring that success is never out of reach.

Whether you are in need of a major weight loss and inches or just a few pounds and help with spot reducing with our super easy and fast solutions for you!!

  • Diet and lifestyle changes in our 6-week program of REAL FOOD, NO DRUGS, and NO EXERCISE will help you lose 20-40 pounds

​Lipo Laser will help you lose inches fast WITHOUT drugs, surgery or pain!  We even guarantee it! Lose 3- 6 inches minimum in 6 weeks or we will treat you until you do!

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Meet Dr. Linn

Dr. Mark Linn is a board certified chiropractic physician with over 20 years of clinical experience with over 300 hours of post-graduate training in clinical nutrition and functional medicine. He graduated from the prestigious National University Of Health Sciences. Since then he has been in private practice in Worth, IL.

Dedicated to helping patients lose weight through up to date current high quality weight loss programs.  He achieves this through Vevazz Lipo Laser Treatments, lifestyle changes, diet and nutrition, personalized weight loss programs and acupuncture.  Dr. Linn will always spend the necessary time with his patients to answer all there questions. Thousands of people have reached a more optimal state of health because of his unique approach to finding an individualized program best suited for his patients. 

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What our patients say...

"He explains everything well and Helps you out
with your health issues."  ~J Salinas

How does it work?

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