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Low Thyroid and Food Sensitivities

I’m often asked by patients, What’s the BEST approach to low energy, weight loss & Low Thyroid issues? We are all unique and different. A certain diet and supplement regime might work great for one person's thyroid… but could be a nightmare to others. This is why we test. To evaluate the thyroid we need to: 1) Get the proper blood work done. Too many patients don’t’ get the proper workup to evaluate their thyroid. 2) Food Sensitivity Testing. Inflammatory food must be eliminated for proper thyroid function. One of my patients had a low thyroid and is on Synthroid. She still couldn’t lose weight and get her energy back. We tested and found that she was sensitive to gluten, dairy, eggs, pineapple & almonds. We removed those foods to decrease her INFLAMMATION and she lost 24 pounds and regained her energy. Amazing! Our mission is to spread the message of functional testing to help more sick people get well, feel free to comment with questions. Best Health, Dr. Linn

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