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Weight Loss and Food Sensitivities

I’m often asked by patients… What’s the Best approach to lose weight?? My answer? The one that involves TESTING…NOT GUESSING!! We are all unique and different. The Ketogenic diet might work awesome for 1 person…but could be the next persons worst nightmare. Make sense? My wife reacted to chicken of all things. I have a lot of patients that react to eggs, pineapple, avocado etc. Foods that most would consider healthy…not healthy for everyone! We know that eating the wrong foods over an extended period of time spikes INFLAMMATION in the body. It’s nearly impossible to lose any significant amount of weight when your body is inflamed. That’s a fact! If you know of anybody struggling with Weight Loss Resistance…please share. Our mission is to spread the message of Functional Testing…to help more sick people get well!! Feel free to comment below with questions! Best of health, Dr. Linn

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