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Weight Loss

Solutions 4 Weight Loss Program

We know that people (maybe even yourself) spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every year on gimmicky supplements and weight loss programs that just don’t work. The majority of major programs on the market (Slim 4 Life, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, and dozens of others) fail to help a lot of people because they are NOT getting your body truly healthy on the inside. They focus on the premise that you must lose weight to get healthy, which is false, YOU have to get healthy to lose weight! The side-effect of getting healthy is weight loss.


In our practice we do not arm-twist, hog-tie, or force a person to do something that they are not ready to do. Period. What we do, DO though is give our patients great healthcare and real results that are TYPICAL, not atypical. We are NOT a diet, we are a lifestyle change. 


Over the course of 6 weeks our average patient loses 15-25 lbs and over the course of 12 weeks, our average patient loses 30-50 lbs, all while getting their body HEALTHY. Our patients eat real food such as lean protein, good fats, good carbs, fruits, veggies, and healthy desserts. 


What’s even better about our programs is that there are no magic pills, magic shakes, or frozen dinners that you have to take the rest of your life…unlike many other programs. The KEY to permanent weight loss is to continue to live a healthy lifestyle. It’s truly that simple.


Both of our Laser-Like Lipo technologies are FDA Approved, are non-invasive, have no side-effects, and deliver permanent inch loss in 7 minutes (as long as you don’t go to McDonald’s everyday!). Average inch loss off of the mid-section is 1-3″ in 7 minutes or 2-5 dress or pant sizes over the course of 6 weeks.


All of the nutritional supplements that we use are all organically grown in Utah, are non-GMO, have no binders, fillers, glues, or resins, are manufactured in an FDA Inspected Facility, are GMP Certified, and are ONLY sold to licensed physicians.


Our question for you is, are you ready to let us help you? We’re excited for the opportunity to meet with you, listen to you, and give you our honest advice. Even if we don’t think we can help you, we will get you to somebody who can. Fill out the form and one of our staff members will call you ASAP and will get you on the schedule!

The ProFAST Program: Burn Fat and Reverse
Type 2 Diabetes in Only Six Weeks

f you are lean and fit, you can ignore this message.  But, if you have got a few

extra pounds (or more) of fat around your mid-section, NOW is the time to
get rid of it!

The ProFAST Program is a way to help my clients and others burn
stubborn fat, eliminate medication, and improve metabolic health, even
reversing type 2 and pre-diabetes.

The ProFAST Program will help you get started so that you can get
amazing results like many of our private clients have.

  • How to break through a plateau

  • Overcoming challenges

  • The magic of ketones

  • Why is protein so important?

  • How to control Cravings



This 6 week program will take you to your goals and regain
your metabolic health. No fancy pills just good wholesome
foods and a little self discipline and you will be on your way.


No Time To Cook Program

No time to cook? Want to lose weight. We’ve got you covered. This program has been used on my patients with great success!!


8+ weekly menu choices are ready in 20 minutes or less. With heat and serve proteins and
one-pan meals, dinner has never been quicker or easier to clean up. Fast, meet delicious.

Can I choose my recipes?

you will have access to the entire menu of 25+ weekly recipes. Want to mix and match? No
problem, you can always pick and choose your recipes regardless of preference.

How can I see ingredients and nutritional information?

Each recipe we offer includes FDA nutrition information. You can view nutrition information
and ingredients for each recipe in the “My Menu” section after you’ve checked out.

Will HelloFresh recipes support my diet?

We can help with that. Low carb? Vegetarian? Under 650 calories? We have options for
everyone, and you can easily preview next week’s menu.


Delivers easy-to-follow recipes with pre-measured ingredients straight to your doorstep

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